Increase in civil jurisdictional limits of District Court and Small Claims Tribunal

On 3 December 2018, the jurisdictional limits of the District Court and Small Claims Tribunal will be increased as follows:

District Court

  • The general civil jurisdiction and equity jurisdiction of the District Court (matters not involving land) from HKD1,000,000 to HKD3,000,000.

  • In matters involving recovery of land or in respect of title to an interest in land, the District Court can now hear cases where the lower of the rateable value or annual value of the land does not exceed HKD320,000 (previously only up to HKD240,000).

  • As for the District Court’s equity jurisdiction in respect of land cases from HKD3,000,000 to HKD7,000,000.

Small Claims Tribunal

The civil jurisdiction limit of the Small Claims Tribunal will be increased from HKD50,000 to HKD75,000. The range of fees payable for filing a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal have also been adjusted, which are as follows:

  • For claims not exceeding HKD5,000 the fee will be HKD20;

  • For claims exceeding HKD5,000 but not exceeding HKD25,000 the fee will be HKD40;

  • For claims exceeding HKD25,000 but not exceeding HKD50,000 the fee will be HKD70; and

  • For claims exceeding HKD50,000 but not exceeding HKD75,000 the fee will be HKD120.

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